“We are always stronger together.” – Michelle R. Obama

Issues Important to You and Democrats

Kansas is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Excellent public schools. Vibrant, safe communities. Strong, thriving businesses. These are important to the people of Kansas and Johnson County Democrats strive to improve and protect the quality of life you value. There are no easy answers to the challenges that face us, but Democrats you elect will take your ideas and concerns to Topeka, collaborate with the Governor and legislators from both sides of the aisle, and build consensus towards new solutions.

Economic Opportunities and Growth

Encourage job creation and economic development. As the recession starts to turn around we need to continue on a path toward prosperity ensure job and business opportunities for all Kansans.

The Best Public Schools in the Nation

Ensure that our excellent public schools receive adequate funding and that our children continue to receive the knowledge and tools necessary to become active, productive citizens of the 21st century.

Cheap Energy and a Clean Environment

Protect our environment and develop new energy projects. Kansas is the second windiest state in the country. We need to harness that potential to produce clean energy, which in turn will create new jobs.

A Better Health Care System for Everyone

Find ways to reduce the cost of health care to make it more accessible and affordable for all Kansans, while paying special attention to the needs of our seniors and our children.

Keeping Our Moral Covenant

Defend the most vulnerable of our population by funding necessary social services that are vital to so many disabled Kansans and ensure they receive the care, treatment, and dignity they deserve.

Kansas State Democratic Party Platform

Democratic National Party Platform