As Johnson County Democrats we are here to represent the principles and values of our party. We do this through our mission, which is to support and promote the election and re-election of Democratic candidates to local, state, and national office.

2022-2024 Executive Board for the Democratic Party of Johnson County, Kansas:

Chair: Deann Mitchell
email: [email protected]
Vice Chair: Wes Garrison
email: [email protected]
Secretary: Anh Rongish
email: [email protected]
Treasurer: Mark Adams
email: [email protected]

Executive Board Members: (listed by Senate District)

SD 6 – Judy Snyder

SD 7 – Danny Terreros and Jennifer Day

SD 8 – Barton Stanley and Denise Riedel

SD 9 – Ray Ramirez and Annette Dye

SD 10 – Tim Quinn and Jessica Persson

SD 11 – Linda Finkle and Richard Nobles

SD 21 – Scott Roby and Lori Slettehaugh

SD 23 – Rana Bently and Mike Shimeall

SD 35 – Becca Peck and Alan Marston

SD 37 – Gerald Genty and Theresa Sahhar

At-Large Members:
Sheila Albers
Danielle Robinson
Jill Rogers
Nicole Novak
Richard Weast

Ex Officio Members:
Johnson County Democratic Women North – Anne Pritchett
Johnson County Democratic Women South – Cassie Woolworth  
JoCo Young Democrats – Angela Schweller