As Johnson County Democrats we are here to represent the principles and values of our party. We do this through our mission, which is to support and promote the election and re-election of Democratic candidates to local, state, and national office.

2019-2020 Executive Board for the Democratic Party of Johnson County, Kansas:

Chair: Nancy Leiker Vice Chair: Greg Shelton
Secretary: Cynthia Yin Treasurer: Mark Adams



Executive Board Members: (listed by Senate District)
SD 6  – Brian Shapley
SD 7  – Brian Koon
SD 7  – Helena Buchmann
SD 8  – Dan Hoyt
SD 8  – Heather Meyer
SD 9 – Gerald Gentry
SD 9  – Meg Schimmels
SD 10 – Tim Quinn
SD 10 – Laura Smith-Everett
SD 11 – Patrick McGarry
SD 11 – Linda Finkle
SD 21 – Scott Roby
SD 21 – Lori Slettehaugh
SD 23 – Mohammad Azeem
SD 23 – Wendy Budetti
SD 37 – Connie Taylor

At-Large Members:
Anne Pritchett

Ex Officio Members:
Kansas 3rd District Democratic Caucus – Andy Sandler
Johnson County Democratic Women – Anne Pritchett (North Chapter) / Becca Peck (South Chapter)
JoCo Young Democrats – Lindsay Vaughn