Overland Park, September 17th, 2022 – The Kansas Democratic Party Hispanic Caucus announced today the appointment of Shawn Delgado and Lucely Milton as the Johnson County Hispanic Caucus Chair and Vice-Chair. Mr. Delgado and Mrs. Milton will be working closely with the Hispanic Caucus leadership with outreach as well as working with local and State elected officials with shaping public policy that will help the Latino community.“Today is an exciting day for the Hispanic Caucus and for Johnson County with the appointment of two hard working individuals who’s contributions have helped the Hispanic community.

Shawn is an inspiring leader and his drive, passion, energy and knowledge in the areas of organizing and workforce engagement make him the ideal choice to accelerate both the growth of JoCo Latino base and voter outreach. His experience being involved with Governor Kelly’s and Representative Sharice Davids campaigns will give the Caucus a competitive advantage,” said Juan C. Luengo, Chair of the KDP Hispanic Caucus.

Mrs. Milton is a Johnson County resident and a small business owner who has a background in workforce engagement. “Being a small business owner is not easy because they wear many hats. The addition of Lucely as Vice Chair brings a positive dynamic to the conversation not only as a small business owner but most importantly, as a job creator. Latinos open businesses at twice the rate of any other group and having Mrs. Milton in leadership will help expand the conversation among the Latino voters,” said Juan C. Luengo.

Per the U.S Census Bureau, Latinos account for 8.2% of the residents in Johnson County. The growth of the Hispanic population will continue to bring diversity and economic boom to the county.

About the Kansas Democratic Party Hispanic Caucus
The Kansas Democratic Party Hispanic Caucus mission is to address the issues that impact the Hispanic community in the areas of business, education, civic engagement, labor and healthcare.

We believe that by working alongside our elected officials, we will build a better future.

Johnson County Democratic Party
Hispanic Caucus Chair: Shawn Delgado
I was born in Colombia, South America and was the first generation from my family to come to the United States. I have spent more than half of my life here and am proud to be an American citizen alongside my wife Olivia and daughter Camille.

I have been a member of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 3 since 1999 and now serve as the Director of Organizing since 2020. In 2016, I completed my Leadership Training with IUPAT-North America’s Building Trades Union and Michigan State University. I currently serve as the Chair of the CORE Latino Constituency Committee which includes representation from the U.S. and Canada. I am the Director of Business Development for the Colombian Cultural Association since 2016. I am also a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and I am focused on not only serving our Union members but most importantly, advocating for the rights of Latino working families in Kansas and Missouri.

Johnson County Democratic Party
Hispanic Caucus Vice-Chair: Lucely Milton
Mrs. Milton was born in Colombia, where she attended college, received her degree in Industrial Engineering and moved to the United States a couple years ago. She is married to Zackorie Milton.

Lucely is the Chair of the Ambassadors for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where she focuses on helping small business owners. She currently owns a Commercial Cleaning Company in Kansas City metro area.

Lucely has a passion for helping people in the community in the following areas: workforce engagement, fair treatment and growth.