For every precinct in every county there are two committee positions, one for a woman and the other for a man. As a committee person you will represent the Democratic Party on behalf of your home precinct. Additionally, whether you are elected or appointed, as a Democratic committee person you will be a voting member of the Johnson County Democratic Party’s (JCDP) Central Committee. This group of precinct committee people are involved in voting on the leadership of the County party, as well as the leadership for the Senate district in which their precinct is located.

For the most part, precinct committee people are focused on informing, preparing, and motivating voters in their precincts. Here’s what you can expect to do as a precinct committee person:

Responsibilities as a Member of the JCDP’s Central Committee

1) Actively support Democratic candidates endorsed by the JCDP and Kansas Democratic Party.

2) Participate in Senate District meetings and training to improve voter education, preparation, and motivation.

3) Assist Senate District leaders with distribution of candidate literature, fundraising for the JCDP, and canvassing voters outside of your assigned precinct.

4) Volunteer with campaigns as needed to help with phone banks, canvassing, or other voter outreach activities.

5) Vote on county party leadership and Senate district leadership every two years in even numbered years.

Responsibilities to the Voters in Your Home Precinct

1) Be an advocate for voter registration and voting rights!

2) Help voters get informed on candidates and issues on the ballot for your precinct.

3) Encourage local Democrats to get involved by supporting the party and candidates via our volunteer and donor outreach programs.

4) Stay in touch with constituents in any way possible; listen to their questions or concerns, then bring these concerns back to your Senate District Leader if further action is needed.

5) Support and promote our candidates by increasing voter turnout in every election.
This may include: recruiting and organizing volunteers to help cover the polls, canvassing high traffic areas to encourage voter turnout, or assisting registered Democrats in getting to the polls.