2024 Democratic Candidates

See below for a full list of candidates for the 2024 Election.

You can find more information about each candidate at each respective website 🌐 listed below.

* Denotes Incumbent


Photo of <p>President Joseph R. Biden*</p>

President Joseph R. Biden*


Photo of <p>Vice President Kamala Harris*</p>

Vice President Kamala Harris*

Vice President

Photo of <p>Rep. Sharice Davids*</p>

Rep. Sharice Davids*

US Congress, Kansas Congressional District 3

State Senate

Photo of <p>Pat Pettey*</p>

Pat Pettey*

Senate District 6

Photo of <p>Ethan Corson*</p>

Ethan Corson*

Senate District 7

Photo of <p>Cindy Holscher*</p>

Cindy Holscher*

Senate District 8

Photo of <p>Norman Mallicoat</p>

Norman Mallicoat

Senate District 9

Photo of <p>Andrew Mall</p>

Andrew Mall

Senate District 10

Photo of <p>Karen Thurlow</p>

Karen Thurlow

Senate District 11

Photo of <p>Dinah Sykes*</p>

Dinah Sykes*

Senate District 21

Photo of <p>Stacey Knoell</p>

Stacey Knoell

Senate District 23

Photo of <p>Jason Anderson</p>

Jason Anderson

SEnate District 35

Photo of <p>Sherry Giebler</p>

Sherry Giebler

Senate District 37

State Representative

Photo of <p>Henry Jones</p>

Henry Jones

House District 5

Photo of <p>Pam Shernuk</p>

Pam Shernuk

house District 8

Photo of <p>Dennis Miller*</p>

Dennis Miller*

house District 14

Photo of <p>Allison Hougland*</p>

Allison Hougland*

house District 15

Photo of <p>Linda Featherston*</p>

Linda Featherston*

house District 16

Photo of <p>Jo Ella Hoye*</p>

Jo Ella Hoye*

house District 17

Photo of <p>Cindy Neighbor*</p>

Cindy Neighbor*

kansas District 18

Photo of <p>Stephanie Sawyer Clayton*</p>

Stephanie Sawyer Clayton*

Kansas district 19

Photo of <p>Mari-Lynn Poskin*</p>

Mari-Lynn Poskin*

Kansas district 20

Photo of <p>Jerry Stogsdill*</p>

Jerry Stogsdill*

House district 21

Photo of <p>Lindsay Vaughn*</p>

Lindsay Vaughn*

House district 22

Photo of <p>Susan Ruiz*</p>

Susan Ruiz*

House District 23

Photo of <p>Jarrod Ousley*</p>

Jarrod Ousley*

House District 24

Photo of <p>Rui Xu*</p>

Rui Xu*

House District 25

Photo of <p>David Benson</p>

David Benson

House district 27

Photo of <p>Ace Allen</p>

Ace Allen

House District 28

Photo of <p>Heather Meyer*</p>

Heather Meyer*

House District 29

Photo of <p>Betsey Lasister</p>

Betsey Lasister

house district 30

Photo of <p>Vanessa Vaughn West</p>

Vanessa Vaughn West

house district 39

Photo of <p>Dan Osman*</p>

Dan Osman*

House district 48

Photo of <p>Nikki McDonald*</p>

Nikki McDonald*

House district 49

Photo of <p>Daniel Goodman</p>

Daniel Goodman

House District 78

Photo of <p>Brandon Woodard*</p>

Brandon Woodard*

house district 108

Photo of <p>Bill Hammond</p>

Bill Hammond

House District 117

Photo of <p>Mel Pinick</p>

Mel Pinick

house district 121

State Board of Education

Photo of <p>Melanie Haas*</p>

Melanie Haas*

State Board of
Education 2

Photo of <p>Kris Meyer</p>

Kris Meyer

State Board of
Education 4

Johnson County Commissioner

Photo of <p>Jeff Meyers*</p>

Jeff Meyers*

County Commissioner District 2

Photo of <p>Julie Brewer</p>

Julie Brewer

County COmmissioner District 3

Photo of <p>Shirley Allenbrand*</p>

Shirley Allenbrand*

County Commissioner District 6

Johnson County Sheriff

Photo of <p>Bryon Roberson</p>

Bryon Roberson


Johnson County District Attorney

Photo of <p>Vanessa Riebli</p>

Vanessa Riebli

District Attorney

Photo of <p>Zach Thomas</p>

Zach Thomas

District Attorney