Thank you for your NO vote in August! To prevent Republicans from putting extreme constitutional amendments on the ballot again, it’s vital that we re-elect Gov. Laura Kelly & break the Republican supermajority by electing more Democrats to the Kansas House. 

By voting for these Democratic candidates, in addition to the statewide candidates on the reverse side, you’ll vote to expand Medicaid, lower taxes for working families, fully support our public schools and support sensible gun controls to keep our kids safe.

November 8th General Election

This general election there are also two constitutional admendments on the ballot:
Legislative Oversight of Rules & Regulations Amendment

If passed, the amendment would allow the Legislature to revoke or suspend an executive branch agency’s lawfully issued rules and regulations by a simple majority vote in both the KS House & Senate. If it fails, executive branch agencies can continue adopting rules and regulations in a manner that respects the separation of powers.

We recommend voting NO on this amendment

Sheriff Election & Recall Amendment

If passed – the state mandates that counties that currently have a sheriff will need to always elect a sheriff and it cannot be an appointed position. If it fails – it will allow for continued local control at the county level for citizens and county leaders to decide how their law enforcement should be structured.

We recommend voting NO on this amendment

Judge Retention
We recommend voting YES to retain all judges
Federal & Statewide Candidates

U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives

3rd Congressional District

Governor & Lt. Governor

Secretary of State

Attorney General

State Treasurer

Johnson County Board of Commissioners

District 1
District 4

State Board of Education

District 3

Prairie Village Mayor

Kansas House of Representatives
District 8
District 14
District 15
District 16
District 17
District 18
District 19
District 20
District 21
District 22
District 23
District 24
District 25
District 26

Cheron Tiffany

District 27
District 28
District 29
District 30
District 39

Vanessa Vaughn West

District 43
District 48
District 49
District 78
District 108
District 117
District 121


WHY: Our local elected officials have a big impact on our daily lives, plus, Kris Kobach started as a City Council Member in Overland Park! Need we say more?
WHERE: [email protected] or

Your Registration

WHY: Register to vote or check your registration. Anyone turning 18 on or before November 8, can register now.
WHEN: October 18

Your Ballot

WHY: Review your sample ballot to see which candidates will be on your ballot.
WHEN: Available beginning October 19

Election Day

WHY: Vote at your polling place between 7am and 7pm.
WHERE: Find your polling place online at
WHEN: Tuesday, November 8

Vote Early In Person

WHY: Beat the lines and vote early in-person at one of the early voting locations. Details will be at
WHEN: starts Saturday, October 22

Vote By Mail

WHY: If you will be traveling, away at college, or want or need to vote from home, apply for an advance ballot. Apply to vote by mail for the November 8th election by Nov 1st at or download a form at and submit it to the Election Office. Most voters must apply to vote early by mail for every election. If you have a permanent illness or disability, you may apply once for Permanent Advance Voting Status at and then you will always receive an Advance Mail Ballot.
WHEN: By Apply by Nov 1 5 PM