Every year we have a Primary Election on the 1st Tuesday of August and a General Election on the 1st Tuesday of November. This year’s general election is Tuesday, November 2nd. The 2021 elections are nonpartisan races meaning the candidates’ party affiliation will not be on the ballot. Use our quick voting guide or view the district voting guides below to help you decide who to vote for. For races with candidates not listed here, we suggest using Mainstream Coalition as a guide.


WHY: Our local elected officials have a big impact on our daily lives, plus, Kris
Kobach started as a City Council Member in Overland Park! Need we say more?
WHERE: [email protected]
or jocodems.org/volunteer

Vote Early

WHY: Beat the lines and vote early in-person at one of the early voting locations.
WHERE: jocoelection.org/advance-voting
WHEN: Starting October 23

Your Registration

WHY: Register to vote or check your registration
WHERE: ksvotes.org
WHEN: By October 12

Vote By Mail

WHY: If you will be traveling, away at college, or want or need to vote from home, use an advance ballot.
WHERE: ksvotes.org
WHEN: By October 26

Your Ballot

WHY: Review your sample ballot to see which candidates will be on your ballot.
WHERE: voter.jocoelection.org
WHEN: Available beginning October 13

Election Day

WHY: Vote at your polling place between 7am and 7pm.
WHERE: Find your polling place online at voter.jocoelection.org
WHEN: Tuesday, November 2

We recommend voting for the Democratic candidates below in the:

Nov. 2nd General Election

Fairway City Council

Ward 3

Susan Leonard

Gardner City Council


Alexander Coleman  

John Tramble, Jr

JCCC Board of Trustees
Vote for all 4 candidates!

Dawn Rattan  

Jae Moyer  

Joy Koesten  

Lee Cross

Lenexa City Council

Ward 3

Melanie Arroyo  

Ward 4

Scott Callaway 

Merriam City Council

Ward 2

Amy Rider

Ward 4

David Neal

Merriam Mayor

Angel Lopez III

Mission City Council

Ward 1

Hillary Parker Thomas 

Ward 2

Lea Loudon  

Ward 4

Ben Chociej  

Mission Mayor

Arcie Rothrock  
Sollie Flora  

Olathe City Council

At Large

Dean Vakas  

Overland Park City Council

Ward 1

Logan Heley  

Ward 2

Melissa Cheatham   

Ward 3

Amanda Vega-Mavec   

Ward 6

Chris Newlin  

Prairie Village City Council

Ward 1

Cole Michael Robinson   

Ward 3

Lauren Wolf

Ward 5

Gregory Shelton

Roeland Park City Council

Ward 1

Tom Madigan 

Ward 2

Jen Hill  

Ward 3

Kate Raglow

Ward 4

Michael Poppa  

Roeland Park Mayor

Mike Kelly 

Shawnee City Council

Ward 1

Sophia Theodore

Ward 2

Eric Persson  

Ward 3

Lisa Larson-Bunnell  

USD 229 Blue Valley School Board

Ward 6

Gina Knapp  

USD 232 De Soto School Board

Ward 5

Calley Malloy

Ward 6

Brandi Jonasson

USD 231 Gardner Edgerton School District

Ward 2

Stacey Coleman 

USD 233 Olathe School Board

Member 3

Julie Steele  

USD 512 Shawnee Mission School Board

Ward 4

April Boyd-Noronha  

Water District One

Vote for all 3 candidates!

Ward 3

Kay Heley  

Ward 4

Jeffrey Mendoza  

Ward 5

Jill Westra   

Here are printable voter guides to take with you when you vote. They are separated by your State Senate District which you can look up at voter.jocoelection.org

Quick Guide

Senate District 7

Senate Districts 6,10,21

Senate District 8,9,11,23,37