Congratulations to all of our candidates that prevailed in November. Democrats now hold 17 of the 34 legislative seats from Johnson County!

County-wide Candidates

President and
Vice President of the
United States

Joe Biden and
Kamala Harris

U.S. House
of Representatives

Rep. Sharice Davids
Rep. Sharice Davids

State Senators

District 6

Pat Pettey

District 7

Ethan Corson

District 8

Cindy Holscher

District 21

Dinah Sykes

State Representatives

District 16

Linda Featherston

District 17

Jo Ella Hoye

District 18

Cindy Neighbor

District 19

Stephanie Clayton

District 20

Mari-Lynn Poskin

District 21

Jerry Stogsdill

District 22

Lindsey Vaughn

District 23

Susan Ruiz

District 24

Jarrod Ousley

District 25

Rui Xu

District 29

Brett Parker

District 30

Brandon Woodard

District 48

Jennifer Day

State Board of Education

Melanie Haas