Democracy rewards those citizens who choose to be involved in elections and government. And, there are many different ways you can be involved in making Kansas more inclusive, fair, and prosperous for everyone. We provide training and support for our volunteers at all levels, so they can: help us register Democrats in their neighborhoods, recruit excellent candidates, get our voters to the polls on election day, and meet plenty of other fun and engaged Democrats throughout Johnson County.

Whether you do one phone bank, or choose to become a precinct committee person, you can help turn Kansas blue just by choosing to get involved in any one of the ways listed below!

  1. Become a Precinct Committee Person
    • Assist in recruiting and training
    • Distribute leaflets & yard signs
    • Organizing small groups
  2. Volunteer for a Candidate
    • Block Walk
    • Phone Bank
    • Deliver Yard Signs
    • Data Entry
    • Driving the candidate
    • Host a meet & greet
    • Collect & donate office supplies
    • Give money and raise money
    • Talk to people
    • Work polling locations
    1. Volunteer to register voters
      • Pick up registration forms
      • Follow election guidelines
    2. Volunteer Election Day
    3. Youth Involvement
      • Future Voter Programs
      • Government classes practice filling out forms
      • Intern for candidate, party leaders, legislators
      • Write letters to elected officials and newspapers
      • Leadership in Young Democrats committee

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