Precinct Committee Person

The most important job I ever had was Precinct Captain.” —Harry S. Truman

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A Committee person (man or woman) represents the Democratic Party on behalf of a specific precinct. For this reason, the Committee person is often referred to as a Precinct Committee person. An elected or appointed Democratic Committee person also serves as a member of the Johnson County Democrat Committee. The following list of duties represents the role of the Committee person at its very best: as an active participant in County politics and a dedicated public servant within his or her community.

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To qualify as a Democratic Committee Person, the individual must first be a registered Democrat. This can be done when registering to vote or online. There is no cost involved in registering as a Democrat. There is no fee for filing or having your name placed on the ballot. If you win the election, you will become the Democratic Committee person for your precinct at that time. Democratic Committee

persons serve for a term of four years. The second way to become a Committee person occurs if the Primary has passed with no Democrat asking to be placed on the ballot to represent a certain precinct. At that time, the Chairperson of the County Democratic Party can appoint a registered Democrat to serve as Committee person for the remainder of the four-year term.

*Responsibilities of a Precinct Captain to the Johnson County Democrat Party.
As a grassroots organizer for the Democratic Party, the Committee person is expected to:

  • Attend meetings and trainings hosted by the County Democrat Party
  • Assist other Democrats in obtaining necessary voter signatures for nominating petitions
  • Help distribute information and sell tickets for Party fundraisers
  • Organize and assist with the placement of candidate signs throughout the precinct

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  • Write or co-write letters to newspapers expressing Democrat points of vieW
  •  Help with Party marketing or outreach efforts into the precinct
  •  Assist with written or phoned surveys of voters
  •  Actively support endorsed Democrat candidates




* Responsibilities to the voters in his/her precinct.
As a representative of the Democratic voters in his/her precinct, the Committee person is expected to:

  • Attend meetings of any regional Democrat group
  • Arrange for house gathering or other events within the precinct so that the voters meet Democratic candidates
  • Actively seek out and register new voters within the precinct
  • Stay in touch with constituents in any way possible; listen to their concerns and bring these concerns back to the County Democrat Committee
  • Strategize with the County Committee to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) on Election Days; recruit and organize volunteers to help cover the polls, canvass the streets, and assist Democrats in getting to the polls

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If you are interested in making a real change in your community, if you want your voice and the voices of your neighbors to be heard, if you are tired of complaining and want to actually DO something, and if you believe that our democracy is worth preserving—you owe it to yourself and to your country to become a Democratic Committee person. In turn, you will receive the satisfaction of knowing that you made a contribution that will impact your life and the lives of everyone around you. Consider turning your concerns into action.