Sun Sept 16th

Join us for the 3rd annual

Forever The Free State Gala

The 2017 Forever the Free State Gala was a thundering success!! Democrats from Johnson County and beyond gathered for the second annual Gala to celebrate our achievements in building the local Democratic Party and to hear an inspiring message from Senator Tim Kaine. And this year, the 2018 Forever the Free State Gala will feature keynote speaker former Attorney General Eric Holder!

The Gala Planning Committee and Democratic Party Leadership made a commitment to guests and donors in 2017. We promised to use your generous gifts to open a permanent Johnson County Democratic Party Office and to provide funding to our legislative incumbents. We are proud to announce that the new Johnson County Democratic Party Office was opened in May, in a location easily accessible to Johnson County citizens off of I-35 and 75th Street! Efforts on behalf of the county party, dynamite candidates and tireless volunteers also resulted in 31 wins during last November's local races. YOU made all of this happen and we thank you! There is still more work to do and we look forward to seeing you as we join together in unity while hearing an inspiring message as Johnson County leads the way for Kansas to be Forever, The Free State!

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Our Keynote Speaker is Honorable Eric Holder who will be introduced by our very own Honorable Kathleen Sebelius.

  • Tim

    Eric Holder

    Former Attorney General

  • Kathleen

    Hon. Kathleen Sebelius

Former US Attorney Barry Grissom and much beloved Kansas City celebrity Missy Koonce will return in 2018 as our emcees. This unique duo of beloved Johnson County personalities will keep the program and laughter flowing during this special evening!

  • Barry

    Barry Grissom

  • Missy

    Missy Koonce

Leadership Appreciation Award Recipient

  • val

    Representative Valdenia Winn

Population Size

Johnson County has the largest population of any county in the state, and is home to more Democrats than any other county in Kansas.

Seats Gained

Kansas Democrats gained 13 seats in the state legislature in 2016 (more than any other state in the nation), and one third of that gain happened in JoCo. We tripled the size of our Democratic House Caucus in that election cycle. Fast forward to the 2017 election, which saw 31 more Democrats win local elections. The Blue Wave continues to gain momentum!

Competitive Races

We will run competitive Kansas House races in every Johnson County legislative district for this 2018 campaign cycle, and expect to increase the size of Johnson County’s Democratic delegation in Topeka just as we did during the 2016 election. We will also continue to grow the party and register more Democrats!

Talented Bench

Johnson County has a record number of talented candidates running for local, state-wide and national offices that will change the future landscape in Johnson County, the State Legislature and in Congress.

Defense, Defense!

We will continue supporting our incumbent Democratic Representatives, who have had a grueling 2018 legislative session that saw them advocating for Kansas citizens, including issues like adequate school funding, equal rights for LGBTQ parents, and safety for Kansas foster children.

2017 Gala Donations

At the 2017 Gala, we promised to be responsible stewards of your valuable donations and we have followed through on that commitment! Please see additional details in the FAQ below.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your donation will stay in Johnson County
  • Your donation will help support the election of Democrats in competitive local races
  • In addition, those donations helped provide substantial campaign contributions to our incumbent legislators
  • With your donation support, the new Johnson County Democratic Party headquarters was opened in May and is located at 8971 W. 75th, Overland Park KS 66204
  • We vow to always use precious financial resources, gifted by hard working donors, in a responsible and dedicated manner!

The event is ‘black-tie optional’. So men, if you have a tux, wear it, and if you don’t, do not rent or purchase one for this occasion. Women generally wear cocktail dresses or something similar that’s semi-formal.

Yes, the bar will offer beer, wine and cocktails.

Parking is available around the hotel and conference center. No valet is available and parking is complimentary.

You can order a vegetarian plate when you purchase your ticket.

There is a link on the registration page where you can list your guest names.

Yes, for more information contact Embassy Suites Olathe.


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