State and Local Officials Working Hard for You

Senator Pat Pettey

Senator Pat Pettey

Senate District 6
5316 Lakewood St.
Kansas City, KS 66106
(913) 579-3741
[email protected]
Facebook: Pat Pettey

State Office 125-E

Committee Leadership
Ranking minority member
Transportation – Daily 8:30 am – Room: 546-S

Public Health and Welfare – Daily 9:30 am – Room: 118-N
Judiciary – Daily 10:30 am – Room: 346-S
Education – Daily 1:30 pm – Room: 144-S

Sponsored Bills
SB8 – Providing for canvassing of advance voting ballots mailed on the date of the election.

Rep. Nancy Lusk

Rep. Nancy Lusk

House District 22
(913) 648-2616
P.O. Box 0035
Overland Park, Kansas
Facebook: Nancy Lusk – State Representative

State Office 054-S

Federal and State Affairs – Daily  9:00 am – Room: 346-S
Social Services Budget –  Daily 3:30 pm – Room: 144-S
K-12 Education Budget – Daily 1:30 pm – Room: 346-S
2016 Special Committee on Larned and Osawatomie State Hospitals – On Call 

Sponsored Bills
HB2016 – People with certain disabilities; motor vehicle registration information and notation on state-issued identification cards.